We refer to #MyHuntington as a movement. But what does that really mean? A “movement” needs a group of people working together toward a shared goal – and that’s exactly what we are. Whether Huntington is where you live, go to school, work, or visit from time to time, we are all part of what makes this city special. We are the movement.

    The MyHuntington movement brings residents together to celebrate Huntington and share their experience living, going to school, and working in Huntington.

    The Power of Stories

    The roots of storytelling in Appalachia run deep. It is through stories that we build connections, promote inclusion, and inspire change. What better way to change the perception of our city than to let those who have experienced Huntington firsthand control the narrative?

    While there is considerable diversity in the lives and experiences of our storytellers, the stories they share about #MyHuntington have a common theme: the city’s most valuable asset is its people. We are a people of resilience and compassion, and those are the qualities that make this movement possible.

    We are committed to sharing the good our city has to offer. Click here to share your story!

    The Power of Actions

    The people of Huntington are the city’s most valuable asset because they are out in our communities the work necessary to make the city shine.

    #MyHuntington frequently teams up with agencies, groups, and neighborhood organizations to promote and support this important work. The Good Time Christmas Show Live!, spring clean-ups, summer concert series, and Marshall football tailgates are just a few of the events and efforts #MyHuntington has supported.

    If you would like to see upcoming events supported by #MyHuntington, view our upcoming events.

    Investing in Our People and Our Future

    An example of the movement’s desire to invest in our city and our people is the Huntington Bank Scholarship. Huntington National Bank has established this scholarship for a full-time undergraduate, incoming freshman who is a resident of Cabell or Wayne Counties in West Virginia. The scholarship is funded through Huntington National Bank as a part of the #MyHuntington movement.

    To learn more about the application process or for more information about the scholarship, students should contact their respective high school counselors or administration.