One of the reasons I love Huntington is our downtown. It is bustling with locally-owned businesses as we find ourselves on the threshold of revitalization that grew from visionary leadership and faith in our community and its people. Although Huntington is one of West Virginia’s largest cities, a small-town sense of community exists among our business and civic leaders and people who live here.

    I bought Sip Wine and Whiskey Bar in 2016 even though the thought of owning my own business was so scary. Once I shifted my mindset to realize failure is not a person, it’s an event, my fear subsided and I worked hard to become a successful part of the Huntington business community. We continue to grow and so does our wine festival, Siptacular Wine Festival 2019, which takes place every autumn with over 50 wines to sample along with music, food trucks and local artists.

    Not only is Huntington MY home, but it is also where I chose to own my own business, raise my daughter and where I choose to build my life. People who spend time in Huntington feel a connection with the surroundings and those who live and work here. Our community is on the cusp of something wonderful and I am proud to be a part of it.