As I was approaching graduating from high school, I dreamed of moving away. But as luck would have it, I received academic scholarships to Marshall University, and I was blessed to have another scholarship to cover my first master’s degree. I now see that was God’s plan all along. I moved away briefly to South Carolina twice for internships, but the road led me back to Huntington.

    I am now a Medical Device District Sales Manager. This position has allowed me extensively to travel across the country, where I love telling people how great my town is and I get so excited when people say they know all about Marshall. I just recently started my MBA through the University of Dayton, and so many of my fellow students have commented that they have always heard such great things about Huntington!

    My “side gig” as I like to call it is serving as the foster coordinator for One By One Animal Advocates, where I have had the privilege of being a foster momma to almost 600 animals in need in the past six years. Our group alone saved 3,800 animals in need in this area. I even got to use my Registered Yoga Teacher status to teach several Cat Yoga classes benefitting the shelter! I have met so many wonderful, caring, hard-working people through rescue, and blessed to call many of them great friends now!

    When I think of #MyHuntington, I always think of the little city that could. Just recently, one of our own avid animal rescuers became the executive director of the Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter, Courtney Cross, and with her direction has shown that what a little group of people could do to help those in need in such a short time. So many people come together for so many causes in this area, whether it be for animals, children, those in recovery and so much more. I think this is what makes #MyHuntington so special, and makes me proud to call Huntington home.