This area is actually huge for retro gaming. When I started collecting in college it led me to find multiple online communities but then I started reaching out inside my own community here and realized I could buy and trade with people right downtown.

    I started Power Up with $500. I rented out three rooms downtown and was expecting maybe 200 people tops to show up. When 700 came out for our first year we were blown away. That room was so crowded and sweaty that day but it made us realize what a large market we had here of gaming enthusiasts. Now we’re celebrating our fifth year of Power Up this Saturday and it’s cool to have an event for all ages where people can socialize and enjoy their hobbies.

    Huntington, WV will always be my home and I’m proud of the growth it’s made over the last few years. It’s so great seeing my generation getting involved to help it grow, make it safer, and an overall better community/city. We know the true value of this state and city and wish to see it fulfill its potential. It’s going to be a long hard road but we are willing to stay here and put in the work for the next generations.