I first came to Huntington, WV for a college education; I stayed in Huntington because it felt like home.

    Nearly a decade ago, I took a teaching job at Enslow Middle School. I worked with students who challenged me, inspired me, and reminded me why I chose to dedicate my life to giving young people the education they deserve. I currently serve the students and teachers of this city (and district) as a literacy specialist.

    I will forever be grateful for how the Jewel City has shaped who I am. This is where I’ve forged friendships while meandering around Ritter Park, imbibing at Rails and Ales, or passing time at Pullman Square. Huntington is where I met and married my wife. As a city, we’re far from perfect, but I am convinced that a more passionate group of people who want to continue moving in the right direction cannot be found elsewhere. This is where I belong. This is #MyHuntington.