I love Huntington and I’m proud to call #MyHuntington my home! I have a fabulous group of friends and family that make up my killer support system. I was born and raised in this area, so it’s amazing to see how “hip” and “open” we’ve become. What good is bringing young people to this area for Marshall if we can’t make them stay and put their education to work? Progress doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes determination, some blood, sweat, a few tears, and willingness. This town is packed full of movers and shakers that want to keep us on a positive path to improvement. This area is doing much better at improving jobs, education, and community empowerment.

    Although this area is relatively small, there are endless opportunities for our community members to get involved in group activities. When I’m not working, I am attending various Huntington festivals throughout the year or participating in our local summer adult kickball league. Being outside makes me very happy; I use #iplayoutside far too much. However, we have a wonderful area for outdoor recreation and I want others to take advantage of our surroundings.

    I enjoy traveling all over the United States; living here makes traveling affordable due to the price of living. When you live in an area like Huntington, your dollar stretches farther. It gives you the ability to experience everything that Appalachia has to offer. We are only a few hours driving distance from the major metropolitan areas of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Though our airport is small, it gives us the ability to get where we need for work or pleasure. I hope to see a spike in Huntington tourism as we continue to grow. “Home is where the heart is,” and my heart is here in Huntington, West Virginia.